Dawnsens ® Join the Beijing Wangfujing Yintai in88 New Year Goods Festival! China-Chic's leadership continues to rise

Beijing Wangfujing Yintai in88

On January 20th, the Beijing Wangfujing Intime 2F New Year Goods Festival was officially launched!

Located in the northern extension of Wangfujing Pedestrian Street in Beijing

Yintai in88 in the "Golden Northeast Corner"

After a brand new upgrade and positioning adjustment

Entering everyone's sight with a youthful and rejuvenated appearance

Accurate positioning of each floor

Attracting diverse audiences with different themes

This New Year's Goods Festival began during the winter vacation and Spring Festival

Wangfujing has a huge passenger flow

Huawei flagship store has opened in the renovated in88

The New Year's goods festival is located at the entrance of the Boston flagship store on the 2nd floor

Integrating intangible cultural heritage, handicrafts, original design, cultural creativity, pre packaged food

Integrating Spring Festival folk products

Wide variety, novel and unique

New Year's Goods Festival in88

Dangsheng ® Dawnsens ® Entering the New Year's Goods Festival

Dangsheng Company has joined this New Year's Goods Festival with Dangsheng ® Dawnsens ® Products such as tote bags, umbrellas, and travel sets made of materials have made stunning appearances, sharing the products while promoting the brand and excellent characteristics of the materials. Let more friends know about Dangsheng and learn about domestic new materials!

Dangsheng ® Dawnsens ® The material is lightweight, strong, water-resistant, and breathable

Each inch has a unique texture and is environmentally friendly

The products made with it are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and unique

The New Year's Goods Festival will span the entire Spring Festival holiday and end on February 17th

Welcome interested friends to make purchases

A beautiful encounter with Beijing in spring~