Excellent Active Packaging Solutions

Single material, 100% high-density polyethylene fiber formed by hot pressing, without any adhesive, green and environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable. It combines the lightweight and breathable properties of non-woven fabrics with the high-strength properties of woven fabrics, making it easy to clean and store. It is inert to most organic and inorganic chemicals and can be applied in harsh environments. The product is extremely lightweight and has a paper like appearance, providing the best solution for different packaging applications.

Application fields:

  • Packaging of desiccants for pharmaceuticals and health products

  • Food desiccant packaging

  • Packaging of electronic component desiccants

  • Industrial/Marine Desiccant Packaging



  • Mesh fiber stacking structure: high strength, good waterproof and breathable properties, and can effectively block the leakage of desiccant dust causing pollution

  • Compliant with the strictest EU REACH regulations, safe and reliable

  • It is chemically inert and will not or mold itself

  • Good printing adaptability, can maintain vivid colors and clear patterns for a long time

  • Easy to process and customize desiccant packaging of different sizes