• 2016

    Obtained the first skein of silk and established the company

  • 2018

    Pilot line completed
    Get the first piece of cloth
    Undertake China Textile Federation’s “Utilizing Flash Steaming Method”
    Manufacturing high-density polyethylene specialty paper”

  • 2020

    Rowelk®Protective clothing launched
    Won the Shanghai Science and Technology Award-First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress
    Protective products won the "China's Top Ten Textile Technology Industry Promotion Award"
    Desiccant packaging customers began to use it on a large scale

  • 2022

    Dangsheng New Materials Industrial Park is put into operation
    China Textile Federation Science and Technology Award-First Prize for Technological Invention
    Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Patent Award
    China Textile Federation Top Ten Textile Technology Awards
    Ten major categories of textile innovative products from China Textile Federation (two items)

  • 2012

    Substantively advance the flash material project

  • 2017

    The small test line was successfully put into production

  • 2019

    China's first flash evaporation production line successfully achieves commercial mass production
    Passed the project appraisal meeting of the academician expert group
    Dison paper®Launch of printed materials
    National high-tech enterprise (re-evaluated in 23 years)

  • 2021

    Won the China Textile Federation Patent Silver Award Won the National Textile Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Contribution Award from the Textile Engineering Society
    Flash spinning technology is included in the "Guiding Opinions on Green Development of the Textile Industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan"
    Dangsheng DYSAN medical packaging materials are launched
    Construction of Dangsheng New Materials Industrial Park begins, a key project in Fujian Province

  • 2035

    Production Line...