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Dawnsens was established in 2016. As a national high-tech enterprise, Dawnsens focuses on the research, development, production and sales of flash evaporation materials. Dawnsens has the complete set of flash evaporation manufacturing equipment and commercial mass production process technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, providing a solid guarantee for the supply chain security and product upgrade and iteration.

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Building Waterproofing

Dawnsens®Waterproof and breathable membrane is a new material used in the field of building envelope. It has reliable breathability and can quickly discharge the moisture inside the building envelope; its excellent windproof and waterproof properties can effectively block the invasion of wind and rain on the building; its excellent durability and weather resistance can protect the insulation layer and building structure and extend the use of the building. Long life; light material, green and environmentally friendly, easy to construct...
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Agricultural Plant Protection

Dawnsens®Agricultural reflective mulch can promote photosynthesis, increase sugar, increase production, generate income, and promote fruit coloring; reduce soil temperature, control soil moisture, maintain an aerobic environment for roots, and improve soil microbial environment; repel pests and suppress weeds; reduce the use of pesticides and Abuse; contributes to off-season production...
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Industrial Packaging

Dawnsens®The material has extremely high tear strength and tensile strength, as well as excellent air permeability and hydrostatic pressure resistance, making it an ideal packaging material for high-performance active packaging applications. It is a chemically inert material. Desiccant bags made of medical-grade Dawnsens material can be used in regulated pharmaceutical/health product packaging. The special continuous long fiber structure gives Dawnsens® materials high strength, good tear resistance, good dust resistance, low linting rate, and good printing adaptability, providing professional solutions for high-performance packaging applications....
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Creative Design Products

Dawnsens®The material is light but strong, has good water repellency, is strong and durable, has a smooth, white and opaque surface, and can be printed with bright colors and fine patterns to achieve exquisite printing. Adaptable to most traditional printing processes and modern digital printing technology, providing unlimited possibilities for creative design of final products...
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Sterile Medical Packaging

Dawnsens®The material is made of ultra-fine polyethylene fibers made of 100% high-density polyethylene through a flash evaporation process. After hot pressing, it forms a shielding material with a dense three-dimensional network structure. It is specially designed for terminal sterilization medical packaging and aseptic transfer packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. And design. We are committed to providing customers with medical sterilization packaging materials that are more economical, product safe and supply reliable, and work with customers to design and develop high-performance sterile barrier system packaging solutions ...
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Personal Protection

Rowelk®It is a brand of Dangsheng new material protective clothing. This material has the characteristics of fine fibers and dense structure. The special structure makes it inherently waterproof, breathable, lightweight and durable, with high filtration efficiency and effective safety protection. It is an ideal protective material....
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Active Packaging

Active packaging, also known as AP packaging, is a new type of packaging technology. It removes excess carbon dioxide, ethylene and water by adding gas absorbers and release agents inside the packaging bag, while supplementing oxygen to maintain a suitable climate environment for the storage of fresh-cut vegetables. This technology can not only ensure the safety of food, but also indicate whether the food has spoiled, thus extending the shelf life of the food....
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Printed Labels

Dawnsens®The material has high whiteness, opacity, and smooth surface, allowing it to be printed with bright colors and exquisite patterns, and can be adapted to various printing methods and processing techniques. It has excellent waterproof and breathable properties and performs well in various climate environments...
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Environment, Social and Governance

At present, pollution caused by human activities has become one of the serious problems facing the earth's environment. How to deal with the relationship between resources, environment and development is a major issue facing mankind. Since its establishment, Dangsheng Company has always been committed to providing green, safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products to the society and contributing to the sustainable development of mankind.

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