Safety Protection

  • Rowelk® It is a protective material brand of Dangsheng Company, which has the characteristics of fine fibers and dense structure, making it inherently waterproof, breathable, lightweight, durable, high filtration efficiency, and effective safety protection. It is an ideal protective material.



  • The product has passed domestic authoritative third-party testing and CE certification

  • Safe, lightweight, and comfortable all in one; Customize according to customer needs

  • 100% replaceable imported products

  • Widely applicable in various fields

Application fields:

  1. Paint spraying operation

  2. Semiconductor industry

  3. Food processing operations

  4. Protection against radioactive particulate matter in the nuclear industry

  5. Pesticide spraying operations

  6. The oil and gas industry

  7. General maintenance/operation/cleaning

  8. Infectious disease prevention and control personnel

  9. Animal epidemic prevention station staff

  10. Customs, pest control and other vector borne biological control personnel

  11. Hospitals, customs, military, and local emergency supplies reserves

  12. Cleaning of chemical equipment such as tanks and chemical containers

  13. Mixing and blending of chemical substances

  14. Emergency response for acid-base chemical leakage